Welcome to the New Russian Society 

a community for people with different Russia-related backgrounds and interests in Oxford

We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦




Our mission:


  • Fostering a diverse community of individuals with various Russian-related backgrounds who want to co-create a new, peaceful, and free Russia. The Club represents the voices of Russian democrats, anti-militarists, and anti-imperialists, recognising the intersecting identities and experiences of its members;


  • Providing a safe and inclusive space for critical engagement with the Russian and Soviet imperial legacy, its lasting impact, and the dynamics of power and oppression in today's Russian context and beyond. The Club also recognises the importance of harnessing the emancipatory and empowering potential of Russian and indigenous cultures, while simultaneously contextualising and critically engaging with various oppressive elements within them. The Club thus aims to promote a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Russian and indigenous cultures and to facilitate transformative discussions that contribute to building a more just society;


  • Serving as a networking platform for individuals passionate about shaping an inclusive and equitable future for Russia, fostering connections across diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The Club aims to provide a space at the University of Oxford for the discussion of Russian history, current politics, and future reforms, with a focus on highlighting and elevating the narratives and contributions of marginalised communities. By promoting such critical discussion, the Club strives to prevent revanchism and to work actively towards a future where aggression becomes impossible.



Our full constitution can be found here: